Best air fryer for your best meals, why’s not?

Being the one who is in charge of providing 3 meals a day with the fastest and most healthy quality, finding the most convenient cooking gadget must be a necessary choice. An air fryer will suit above needs.


Imagine that there is a machine which can cook any kind of food, all you have to do is to adjust the time and temperature on the digital touch screen interface. Each type of food needs different adjustment of cooking time and temperature by your simple touch on the screen. An air fryer is like a combination of a pan, a toaster and a microwave. It has almost all the main functions of these gadgets, but it is simplized in form of one single cooking machine with remarkable features, such as: faster, save 80% oil, save more time, user-friendly interface.

If you are so in love with fries, grills, bakes or roasts food but you are so afraid of breaking your diet plan, having the best air fryer must be your most priority choice(Read reviews on 1CupAwesome). How wonderful it is when you can have everything fried with a very amazing amount of oil: a tablespoon or no oil at all! What is more amazing is that your food will have a crisp coating outside while being so soft inside! It’s time to throw away your miserable diet plan and enjoy your food and still stay in shaped as well as be healthy.

Are you wondering how this machine could be so magical like that? How does it give us such crisp food with such little amount of oil? The integrated Rapid Air Technology is the answer. All food inside it will be cooked by circulating hot air around them. A fan circulates hot air around your food at high speed, then after a setup time, you have your thoroughly fried and tasty food ready.

You can set up the time and temperature depending on what food you are cooking. To prevent overcooking, there is an option to shut off the machine automatically. This is really convenient and time-saving because you just need to set the time and go anywhere to do other stuffs, the cooking gadget will turn off itself without you standing there to watch out.

A small-sized one may not be a good option for a big family with many mouths to feed. You don’t want to cook several times for a single meal with a not-enough- capacity. You may also don’t want to buy a large-size one if you just feed 1 single mouth everyday. The air fryer is not the most expensive one, it’s the one that most suits your need.

Although almost product is easy to use, read the instruction carefully before you start using it for the first time would be perfect. If there is no ideas of what to cook with this cooking gadget, a recipe booklet with more than 20 recipes created exclusively is included for your reference.