How to Choose the rifle with best hunting scope for deer

Selecting a rifle should be a simple procedure, but this is so if one refers to the hunting of one species and is limited to a single mode. By not submitting the dam morphological variations of importance, and remain stable ground conditions and industrial hunting, doubts regarding the characteristics of the weapon, and the type of cartridge and tips appropriate hunting, limited to a minimum, becoming the purchase in a matter of personal taste.

But if for practical, economic reasons, etc. We decided that ours is folded so many different species as we feasible with the same “junk,” the choice can be somewhat daunting, especially if we want that wonderful “tool” can also be used for stalking, hunting and even participate in monterías.

Exit after pulling armed with a heavy express rifle, without looking, and to make matters worse chambered for a cartridge as 9,3×74. It is dumb caliber. Use the same weapon on a hunt can be a success, and even very fashionable if you want. The express are heavy weapons, designed to be carried by an attendant, only to make two shots in quick succession, and all at very short distance without high demands for accuracy on a dangerous piece on top usually has a skin thick and strong, not to mention formidable horns, fangs, claws and huge paws. For its part, the chamois are peaceful mountain animals living on high, but to reach them you have to climb, what it means to suffer a lot. This is the reason why the last thing you want is to have to carry a bulky contraption, whose scope is measured in steps and dispersal in meters, as these animals up living where they live, to trauma of our tastes and convenience, insist that smell bad and we behave worse, trying to maintain a healthy separation with our humanity, despite all our efforts to the contrary.

To cover all hunting deer and swine Europeans, more occasional bear, universally accepted mechanism of action is the bolt. It is precisely this behavior bizarre and so little sports that hold the chamois forcing us to carry very light and long-range best hunting scope for deer, with a radically opposed to the old double-barreled rifles design. These weapons are known as “mountain rifles” and are very specialized toys. However, within the “long-range light ‘class they are not the only ones with this set of qualities. Called ‘rifles for bean fields “(Beanfield rifle) have a greater accuracy and range than weapons of mountains, being somewhat thick and long.



One has to accept that within reasonable terms, all cartridges eventually kill alike, and it is also just a question of using them correctly, placing the first shot where God commands, not where one can.

Why are these rifles have particular characteristics? As the shots are taken at distances often they touch the half a kilometer, accuracy is more important to meet the requirement, and therefore the barrel has specific characteristics. How are your weapons are not designed for walking as fired from high turrets (stands) and a sitting position, they can assimilate a little more weight, used to increase accuracy and reduce recoil. In addition to this, the distances at which the target is presented, justify the use of larger optical sights, and therefore heavier.

If you believe that the field of “specialized” weapons ends with these three examples, it is because he has not yet thought about what is considered the ideal mountain rifle. These have open sights, the typical lever system or the occasional trombone, short barrels and light weight, and in that environment are unbeatable for speed that can be wielded and fired in rapid succession. The weak side of these weapons is represented by the type of cartridges and tips that can shoot. They are less powerful than weapons lock. By having a tubular magazine, they are forced to use truncate tips that have the poorest ballistics all existing designs tips.

I do not know if these lines would have served to learn something new, which I doubt, then this is for many common places. What I hope is that it has helped to address the search for a new weapon in a rational and systematic way, knowing the reasons for being of each component of your weapon, allowing then choose based on their specific needs. I hope I have succeeded.