This isn’t a Valentine’s love message. This is a pre-break-up list of cons. 

HAHA! You’ve been jacked. 

2shay, Sydney, 2shay. Now go flirt with Desiree’s boyfriend, since you’re poking the bear. 

This was their anniversary status. I can’t wait to see her post-Valentine’s Day bemoaning. 


Let the bleeding hearts begin.

"Michelle and I."

Michelle engaged to Cookie Monster.

Long-term booty-call services provided by: Em. 

This post died and had to be refreshed while I typed the ONE LINE above. FU, Tumblr. FU. Is anyone else having this issue? Maybe I’m using the wrong browser?

This has a little something for everyone. At least Amanda comes by her overshare honestly. This is a family that believes in publicly airing their grievances. Is Olga talking about herself, her husband’s first wife, or her daddy? I keep reading her comment in Betty Davis’ mad voice from Baby Jane, “My life is a charade and my husband a dream-stealer but WE BOTH LOVE YOU ANYWAY!”

*I think Tumblr doesn’t want people to post anymore. In the time it took me to type the commentary, it said the post died and made me refresh the page; which has been a recurring event. WTF? Was Tumblr taken over by Google, too? Google has pretty much ruined Youtube. 

This is clearly all about him and not you

This is one of those times where I blurred out the name not to protect the subject but because the last thing she needs is more attention. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t have posted this at all but, you know, it’s the nature of the blog to feed the ego-beasts.