From the submitter:
He knocked up his girlfriend, got married to her, cheated severely (I wish I had screencapped the facebook fights), reconciled, had another kid, and cheated again so horribly and blatantly that she left him forever. In that time period, I would get occasional “Hey what’s up!” texts from him, and stopped responding after they went, in an amazingly few texts, from “Hey old buddy!” to “So, next time you’re in town, we should hook up,” every single time. I had not seen this guy in several years by that point so it was most decidedly weird. And that’s the reason why I know that he is totally guilty of whatever accusations she is bringing. I unfriended him when he started posting crap like this a couple months ago, and yet for some reason he’s still showing up in my newsfeed, with this huge and awful guilt trip he’s trying to lay on this woman who finally got a clue.