Right now the above commercial is running with a tagline touting this as the season to get engaged. It’s the end of the world, y’all, if you don’t get engaged this holiday season then you’ll never get the chance! Better become affianced before it all goes kablooey. Then you can say, “At least I have a fiance/e” as meteors rain up from the sea and a shoal of giant space squid descend upon the earth to rend mankind to pieces with their sharp beaks and drown us in vast seas of toxic, cosmic ink. The end of the world won’t stop the plans of the ‘Zillas listed below:

1. Single Bridezilla - Has a full wedding planned sans a groom.

2. The WAITING thread at the Weddingbee - “For future brides and grooms who have yet to get engaged”. The holiday engagement frenzy has begun. Those dates? Desired wedding dates. 

3. The Waiting Whine over at Huffpo. 

4. Bullying Bridezillas - because once you’ve WAITED FOR SO LONG and WORKED SO HARD, one day isn’t enough and you need to spread the love.