You have a you problem, Billy. You have a personality problem. You have an entitlement problem. You have a perception problem. You have a denial problem. You don’t have a cash flow problem. You don’t have affluenza. You don’t have a problem with conniving gold-diggers biding your time with you and leading you on until the gravy train comes rolling through. You don’t have a dating site problem. Your problem is that you don’t have any respect for women. In fact, according to your own words, you don’t see women as human beings but rather a species all their own; a strange, exotic alien species that needs to be kept in captivity and used for your entertainment and pleasure to serve your whims.  No one likes you Billy because you’re not a nice guy; you’re a “nice guy”. That’s your problem. 

Kevin, what did the women of ever do to you to deserve you inflicting Billy upon them?  


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    Billy, you need to understand that your problems with women are a result of your intentions. Every time you go into a...
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